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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 8, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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that's confidence. >> it's unbelievable. knowing at the time that tiger is in that deep bunker and there's no such par for him down there, he's totally in control of the event at that point. you would think it would stay left of the hole. for him to hit that, i was floored by it and maybe even more floored by the fact he held him out at the next one. >> greg overlin with northwestern mutual. we're going to play 10, 17 and 18. and zach, you finished first, so you draw the hat. >> 1. >> zach, you're leading off. >> i'll leave you on the tee, zach. >> okay.
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>> he visited with us earlier today from northwestern mutual. zach has the honor. >> you can't defer to the second half. >> that's right. you got to take the ball now when you draw number 1. >> on the flip side now, for both players, but i guess zach even more. you got to bring that hard rein back down, regroup and sigh. that's what you do when you walk back to the tee. and play hard again. >> that's right, it's all about regaining focus, being in the moment, not letting your mind wander, taking the shot at hand to task. this is the shot you need to perform right now. >> kurt is out there to witness
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that. right down the right side. that is ideal. beautiful tee shot. noda is out there following tiger again. he did not have a beautiful tee shot his first time out here. gave himself a very difficult situation on the left. >> headed down the right side, drawing back to the left portion of the fairway. >> with a little different shot shape, a little different attempt at it. misses that giant divot. >> well positioned. much better than in regulation. speaking of regulation, the fourth shot drop zone -- it's good. playoff.
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tiger woods, zach johnson first playoff hole. you see them back on the fairway, both players. zach a little bit longer than he was the first time off the 18th
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tee and tiger in much better shape than he was. >> much simpler approach for tiger. >> zach virtually the same shot that he faced earlier. tiger being further back and first to play will have the chance to apply some pressure to zach. >> just the second playoff in the history of this event. this is the 15th year. that last playoff we had with graeme mcdowell and tiger was some doozie. see what we have in store here. >> 2010 tiger lost that one to graeme. >> it's been a while but we had 74 over there. a little different shot because it's down the hill, but you get a little feel for the shot.
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you know what i mean? you have five behind you at the backstop. >> joey said what they had at 9? that's been a long while. >> he said it was a little while ago. >> a little. noda, what do you think here? >> it's going to be a tiny little 7-iron. probably a little left to right, just split the left edge of the green to the hole and let it drift back slightly to his feet. >> this is kind of a flighted sevener. >> here we go. >> he started up the center and he's like, oh, this has got to get up. that's the same place he was the first time around. and the same amount of work to do.
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we'll see what happens here. he might have got up a little bit ahead of it and the blade got a little too open, that impact made it go a little right of where he wanted to, but i wouldn't suspect he would hit it in the same place again. >> this is left of the flag maybe 30 feet. >> roger, you're right. he is protecting against what he did the first time around. >> there's no question. >> on that correct level, though, woods heading up and down from the bunker, no doubt. >> on sunday night, football night. sunday night football coming your way. the panthers taking on the saints. both teams 9-3. panthers an eight-game winning streak. bob costas hosting football night in america 7:00/4:00
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pacific. >> woods, been here done that. that deja vu thing going on for tiger. and thankfully for zach, not for him. >> tiger thinking, i've got to hit a good bunker shot. i've got to force zach to feel like he's got to hold the putt. but still, you know, that bunker isn't any less deep than it was. it's still a tough shot out of there. >> roger, you know what, though, with the things that have happened here, i don't buy into the fact that anyone has an advantage at this point. what we just saw in regulation, what happened to graeme mcdowell back in 2010? tiger was within three feet, mcdowell had like a 25-footer and made the putt. >> he forced tiger to have to do it. >> i am not saying he doesn't have a good opportunity to make
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it. he does, but first things first. tiger has got to hit a good bunker shot. >> everybody on the golf course turns to spectators right here around the clubhouse and it's a good lie. >> i woumight have settled just little bit by its own weight. that's the area they just played from, it's just been raked. so sand a little softer, probably, than it was the first time around. >> it's tough to even see right there because it is such a deep bunker. >> i walked by and it is a good lie, not a great lie. as you saw tiger's original shot released a little bit, i think
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he's going to have to play first. a slight bit of release on this one as well. >> maybe a little bit shy, but still a very good bunker shot from there. >> so that left the par. just throw the club underneath the ball, keep the club face open. he needs to get some height on the ball to get it to land softly. that's how deep that bunker is. he couldn't even see it. he had to come above the bunker to get a peek at it. >> but it does open the door for
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zach ajohnson and a putt that ws very similar to the one graeme mcdowell had and made back in 2010. >> it is very similar. just about the same location. and you always like having a putt to win. and that's what he's facing. a putt to win. >> he's looking out there to the left a little bit, probably just inside tiger's mark somewhere. slide to his right. >> and it's uphill. he can give it a little bit of a roll here. >> for the win. right over the mark. >> that was a good putt.
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very good putt. >> it went right over the mark. and may have changed the line on it a little bit, rog. >> let's see -- yeah, it takes a little bauble. >> that's a 4 for zach. tiger left with a putt that's just outside what you'd like to have. they didn't ask him to move the mark. he's right on that line. >> here's the putts that aren't so much fun. you got to make 'em to move on. >> and rog, this putt is no gimme. if not properly stroked, it will go across the face of the hole. probably have to put it on the left edge. >> zach already referencing his
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yardage book. he probably has his mind ahead, convinced that tiger will hold his putt. he's thinking about what he'll do on the next playoff hole should he get there. 10. >> i think most feel that way. however, you got to putt it. no! and it's zach johnson who will steal tiger's thunder and take his trophy. the final time here at sherwood. >> two things you don't see. tiger missing a putt like that to lose an event and then smiling afterwards. >> only because it's tiger woods would you think, all right, this is almost a gimme.
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>> the issue there, he just struck too firmly. >> you can tell zach's surprised. he never thought he would finish in that fashion. >> let's go down to kurt. >> all right. zach, what an incredible finish. i know you hated to see tiger miss that putt, but take us back to the 72nd hole. your second shot with an 8-iron and then the wedge shot. what was going through your mind there? >> it wasn't a big one. it was one of those you hit it just a little hard, a little left, so i was trying to take a little off it. i didn't complete my backswing. it was just a bad swing. got caught up in the moment. and then certainly the next shot was a little too dramatic for me, but, you know, i guess i was teasing it in the holes previous. a lot of luck but i had a good number and very lucky it went in. >> congratulations on the win. steve? >> kurt, thank you.
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tiger is talking about a tough runner-up win. what were you thinking when you saw zach go on the fairway? >> i thought either way i'm not going to be able to win the tournament, but i still have to get up and down in either case. you hold it and then mine is still going to have to stand and i'll have to make it, and i was able to make it the first time around. >> you told me you thought sunday would be an emotional day for you because it was the final day the challenge would be held at sherwood. what were you thinking as you went through these 18 holes today? >> trying to win. that's all i was trying to do. i got it up to, i think, three and zach -- i don't know how the last three iron shots didn't go in the hole. it was pretty impressive what he did on 16, 17 and 18. he got me. >> terry, back to you. >> wow, what a finish, huh, rog?
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tying he referen tiger referenced the close shots the drop zone in regulation, holding it, coming right back, and tiger missing the putt. >> lot of fun to watch. >> winning in a playoff, zach johnson. this in regulation after hitting it in that hazard for a par. and woods up and down missing the putt in a playoff to lose to zach johnson the final time here at sherwood.
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nbc 4 starts now. the winter storm system moves through d.c., maryland and virginia. and snyder and shanahan at odds? did the head coach almost quit at the a end of last season? we'll have response to the
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latest redskins drama. icy wet mess outside tonight. there are already alerts to make you aware of. the latest cancellations and closures are scrolling across the bottom of your screen. we have a few monday closures to tell you about. tomorrow loudoun and fairfax county public schools closed. northern virginia bureau reporter live in leesburg. first we begin with storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. this is progressing as you said it would. >> we would have put more snow towards the north and west. everybody else seeing what we have been talking about.
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we have been talking about snow. >> we are getting reports of freezing rain. kind of a break in the 70 right now. but that is not the case. just because it is dry at your house it will not remain that way. >> let's take a look at max 2. we can look at the numbers. storm team 4 radar showing what is going on across our area right now. you see the freezing rain and sleet pulling out of the area and you say we are done with this. that is not the case at all. we have another round making its way in towards thesouth. this is rain down towards kentucky and tennessee. as it moves towards the colder a air -- the national weather service continued through tomorrow morning. we added more counties.
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d.c. towards prince george's in the winter storm warning. we will see significant icing. down to the south and east and towards st. mary's county we have seen icing. winter weather advisory until 7:00. >> obviously we take a really close look at temperatures with this kind of frost. let's take you through the temperature forecast. pockets of freezing rain. temperatures still just below 32 degrees. the areas we are most worried about. you can see 4:00 a.m. through 5 m still at or below freezing. we'll continue to see pockets of freezing rain for the morning rush. four areas back to the west. washington seeing mainly rain. these areas in blue are what we are most concerned about.
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by 10:00 a.m. most locations should be seeing mainly rain. if you are in the pink area, icy travel is likely in spots tomorrow morning. 66, 270 a concern. significant icing meaning power outages, slick sidewalks and roads. mainly rain in washington. >> that is why we see more closures. tom kierein will be in at 4:00 a.m. we'll have the latest coming up. we have breaking news out of virginia where it appears a prince william county police officer was hurt after his cruiser spun out on an icy road. this happened a few minutes ago. as you can see an ambulance is on the scene. news 4's derek ward is live. now to maryland. parts of montgomery county saw a good amount of snow. as of right now more than three
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inches of snow as fallen. that is where darcy spencer is. >> reporter: we are seeing basically nothing here in germantown. this is route 355. you can see it is pretty much snow covered. as you step you can hear and feel a crunch. here is why. pick up a little bit of snow here. underneath very light snow. er . that is why officials are so concerned about treacherous driving conditions. these kids taking full advantage of the season's first snowfall, slay riding in germantown where they got four to five inches of snow. >> i'm already out of breath. we are have ag blast, no. >> reporter: driving through the
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snow not so much fun. we road along 270 north roads were sloshy. side streets are snow covered. many say they are concerned about tomorrow's commute. >> it's bad. >> they've not been cleaned yet. >> reporter: and for some this weather means work shoveling their sidewalks and drive ways. >> it's about four to five inches. it's very wet snow so it is heavy to haul away. >> reporter: i checked in with montgomery county fire and rescue officials earlier. fortunately there were no major accidents. they are continuing to ask people to stay off the roadways and allow salt and sand trucks to do what they can do to try to produce a safe commute for tomorrow morning. >> reporter: we are seeing the
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similar blanket of snow here in leesburg. you mentioned a few inches on the ground. you can look down, a few inches built up in this parking lot as well. earlier today speaking with siegel. she told me the fluffy flakes would likely transition to sleet or freezing rain at 3:30. we sawt that happen. let's take a look at route 7. cars are making their way through without really any issue tonight. not everyone was as lucky on the roads today. >> making our drive from northwest d.c. to loudoun wasn't long before we found a few trouble spots. in leesburg a fire truck pushed through to a call. fortunately, false alarm.
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residence here prepping, worried about the overnight freeze. these neighbors headed out in the wintry mix today. >> we had things to get done. christmas is two weeks away. >> are you nervous about tomorrow morning? >> no. i don't think i'm going anywhere tomorrow. >> staying in. >> you would think he would be dreading this work. >> it's fun. it reminds you it is christmas time. >> he loves this picturesque view of the old town homes. mid interview his wife stepped out. she is worried about the scenic setting turning treacherous overnight. he is not the only one worried about that. if you look at the power lines dominion virginia power keeping a close watch on temperatures. he tells me they have crews on stand by right here.
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as of now 20 customers without power. however, that can change and they will be on alert to erestore your outage should that be the case. and we have more icy conditions caused five tractor trailers in maryland today. the wrecks led to a 15 car pileup near salem avenue just outside of hagerstown. sheez are pictures of the trucks that won't be removed from the scene until tomorrow. crews are out salting. the winter mix is creating problemst at local airports. crews went out earlier to treat run ways. there have already been more than 200 cancelled flights at dulles and reagan national
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airports. in fairfax, loudoun closures and cancellations in effect for tonight. weekend activities are cancelled due to the storm. other closures include the parks and recfacilities, national zoo. you can check the bottom of the screen throughout this broadcast for more closings and delays. we are keeping track of them on news 4 today will be on air a half an hour earlier tomorrow. and an ugly game for the redskins. before the team hit the field more drama. a report that mike shanahan almost quit at the end of last year because of a rift allegedly with owner dan snyder. diana is live reporting. a lot of buzz about this story.
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>> reporter: it is hard to imagine there was a football game here where they lost to kansas city 45-10. it was messy on the field but really messy off the field before the game started. you see espn released a report this morning around 11:00 that stated that coach mike shanahan wanted to quit this redskins team last season and cleaned out his office before their game against seattle. the report said shanahan could not stand the relationship between rg 3 and owner dan snyder. the report said coach was tired of snyder empowering griffin. some believe this was leaked out by coach shanahan so he could try to get snyder to fire him so he could get his $7 million next season without having to coach here in washington. shanahan was asked aboutt it after today's loss. >> it is not the right time or place to talkt about my relationship with dan snyder or
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thought the right time and place to talk about something that happened a year ago. i will get a chance to talk with dan at the end of the season. and i will give him view points from me and he will give me his thoughts and what direction we will go. we will communicate that at the proper time. >> you heard coach right there not denying the report. there is a lot of buzz that mike shanahan's days here in washington could be coming to an end very soon. robert griffin iii has a lot to say about this. we will have that coming up in sports. mourning continues in south africa. how nelson mandela was honored today. we see rain and snow continuing to make the way across. sleet and freezing rain will pose big problems for early tomorrow morning. we will have the latest on our


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